Fyodor Andreev was a low-ranking MGB officer under the command of Leo Demidov.

On 13 February 1953, Fyodor's youngest son Arkady was found dead on the Moscow rail line, naked and badly mutilated, with dirt stuffed in his mouth. Fyodor discovered that his neighbour, Galina Shaporina, had witnessed his son days earlier being accompanied into the nearby woods by an unknown man. The MGB, unable to accept the presence of child murderers in the Soviet Union, classed the death as being due to a train collision, and coerced the man who found the body into declaring that it had been fully clothed upon discovery. The next day, the MGB sent Leo to the Andreev residence to convince Fyodor to accept the investigation's official findings. Fyodor relented out of concern for his family's future.[1]

Days later, with Leo now under suspicion for failing to denounce his wife for suspected anti-Soviet activities, Fyodor accompanied fellow MGB officer Vasili Nikitin to Leo's apartment under orders from Major Janusz Kuzmin. As Vasili searched the apartment, Fyodor confronted Leo, berating him for disagreeing with the investigations into his wife, yet accepting the official findings on Arkady's death without question.[2]

Three months later, Fyodor was visited by Leo and his wife, secretly investigating the death of Arkady and several other children killed throughout the western Soviet Union in a similar fashion. Promising not to reveal Leo's presence to Vasili, who had taken over his position in the MGB, Fyodor attempted to question his neighbour Galina over the appearance of the man she saw with Arkady on the day he died, but she refused to divulge anything, fearing that contradicting the MGB investigation's official verdict would put her life at risk.[3]

On 13 July, Fyodor was summoned by Vasili, who had found out about Leo's unauthorised investigation and suspected Fyodor of collaborating. Feigning concern over future murders, Vasili convinced Fyodor to divulge everything Leo told him about the investigation's findings. Once satisfied, Vasili fatally shot Fyodor in the heart.[4]


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